As of January 2002, Trisha and Tom have two new family members:
Flyer (our North American Shepherd also known as a Miniature Australian Shepherd). Spencer (our West Highland White Terrier also known as a Westie). 
Flyer in a rare Georgia snowfall January 3, 2002. Spencer sitting handsome for his picture on the couch.
Spencer and Trisha in front of our 2001 Christmas Tree!  Trisha thinks he is the best Christmas present ever! Spencer sleeping with a bone on the blanket that Luanne, Dan, and Adele sent him from Scotland.
Flyer with breeder's daughter on the farm near Ocala, Florida where he was born.  Spencer and Flyer dancing!!!  (Guess who is leading?!?)
Flyer and Spencer resting together after "dancing" for hours! Spencer and Tom!  Notice the ears!  On Spencer!

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