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            Task 3        

Implement your evaluation plan and prepare an evaluation report.

Instructional product evaluation is a form of evaluation that has been (and is) often ignored at all levels of education and training. Even the products resulting from large scale, federally-funded curriculum development projects have often been subjected to little or no valid evaluation. However, given how great the needs are for more effective and efficient education and training around the world, we must invest much more time, money, and people in evaluation. Although evaluation is an integral part of our lives whether we are choosing a career or buying a car, there are unique evaluation KSA's (knowledge, skills, and attitudes) that you must learn for instructional products. You can read all the evaluation texts and reports in the library, but the only viable way to become a competent evaluator of instructional products is to experience the process.

Your task is to implement the evaluation plan that you and your team prepared for Task # 2. Although there are certain to be constraints on your evaluation in terms of time, finances, and personnel, please make your evaluation as "authentic" as possible to derive maximum learning from this experience. Tools to help you in managing, analyzing, and reporting your evaluation are included in the Tools page of the EDIT 8350 web site. However, you will most likely find it necessary to supplement these tools with others that you have found in the literature or designed yourself.

You will have 30 minutes to present your evaluation results on Tuesday, December 4 to your clients and to the rest of the class. You'll also prepare an evaluation report that fits the unique needs of your clients or audiences.  Here is an example of a web-based report by Beaumie Kim, a former student. Other examples will be shared in class. 

This task is worth 45 points.

A draft final report is due December 4. Your final evaluation report is due December 4 as well.

A rubric for assessment of your final report appears below.  Each criterion will be graded on a 10 point scale.

Introduction and Background EXPECTED: A brief orientation to the evaluation context and an overview of the organization of the plan are provided. The evaluand, clients, and evaluators are identified. The reader can understand the nature of the evaluand and the context for the evaluation. (Screen captures and other graphics may be used to clarify the nature of the evaluand.)  
Purposes and Audiences EXPECTED: The purposes of the evaluation are delineated clearly. The primary and secondary audiences of the evaluation are identified.  
Decisions and Questions EXPECTED: The decisions that may be influenced by the evaluation as well as the specific questions addressed by the evaluation are identified. The articulation between decisions and questions is clear.  
Methods EXPECTED: The methods used in the evaluation are thoroughly described. Methods are appropriate within the constraints of evaluation resources such as time, budget, and personnel. (A matrix may b used to illustrate the relationships between questions and methods.)  
Sample EXPECTED: The people (e.g., students, instructors, and/or experts) who participated in the evaluation are identified. Participants are appropriate to the purposes of the evaluation and the sample size is adequate to questions and methods.  
Instrumentation EXPECTED: The evaluation instruments and tools used in the evaluation are described and a rationale for their use is provided. Reliability and validity are addressed. Sample instruments are in appendices.  
Limitations EXPECTED: Limitations to the interpretation and generalizability of the evaluation as well as potential threats to the reliability and validity of the design and instrumentation are described.  
Analysis EXPECTED: Data processing and analysis processes are described. Analysis adhered to the guidelines of the particular methods used. Appropriate data synthesis strategies and statistics are used.  
Results EXPECTED: The results are presented in a clear and coherent manner. Tables and figures are used appropriately.  
Discussion and Recommendations EXPECTED: Informative discussion of the results is provided. Recommendations appropriate to the clients' needs are made.  
POSSIBLE: 100 points