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After completing this course, you should be able to:

1. Generate and refine a definition of evaluation.
2. Develop and defend a philosophy of evaluation.
3. Compare and contrast various evaluation "models."
4. Distinguish between/among various concepts such as:
   a. measurement and evaluation
   b. input, context, process and product criteria
   c. intrinsic and extrinsic evaluation
   d. norm-referenced and criterion-referenced measurement
   e. formative and summative evaluation

5. Implement various facets of instructional product evaluation:
   a. review
   b. needs assessment
   c. formative evaluation
   d. effectiveness evaluation
   e. impact evaluation
   f. maintenance evaluation

6. Write an evaluation plan for an instructional product.
7. Evaluate an instructional product in a practical context.
8. Report your evaluation of an instructional product.
9. Conduct meta-evaluations of evaluation reports according to relevant cultural and political value perspectives.
10. Plan for further development of your evaluation KSA's.