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Instructions For Use


  1. The tool below is merely a template. You should modify it as needed for your distinct purposes.
  2. Using an focus group is a type of survey activity. Conducting a survey should be done systematically. The overall steps in the survey process are:
  3. Consider collecting evaluation data with more than one method if time and resources allow. For example, a questionnaire can be used to collect information about global reactions to an interactive multimedia program. Then, either interviews or focus groups can be used to collect more detailed information. Alternatively, interviews or focus groups might be used to identify the most important evaluation issues that will be included in a questionnaire sent to many people.

Evaluation Focus Group Protocol

# of participants: _____________________ Host: __________________

Date: __________ Site:_____________________


  1. What is your opinion of the interactive multimedia system used to deliver this information?
  2. Was the interactive multimedia system available at times and places convenient to you?
  3. What is the word on the shop floor about this interactive multimedia system?
  4. What could be done to improve the interactive multimedia system?
  5. What other types of information or training should be available via interactive multimedia?