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Instructions For Use


  1. Your sign-off form should contain the following sections:


  2. Use evaluation sign-off form for all the major milestones or instruments generated during an evaluation, but don't force the client to sign-off on every little aspect of the evaluation. You have to use some judgment based upon the nature of your relationship with the client.

Evaluation Sign-Off Form


Project: UGA Distance Learning Evaluation

I have reviewed and approved the Evaluation Plan for the UGA Distance Learning System (including GSAMS), with changes, additions, deletions or corrections as annotated in the attached copy.

I hereby give you approval to proceed with contacting participants in the evaluation. I also give my approval for you to invoice my department for satisfactory completion of the Evaluation Plan milestone of this evaluation.

I understand that further changes to the structure, objectives, or methods of the evaluation (aside from those specified in the attached copy) will likely result in a delay in the completion of the evaluation and could result in additional charges.

__________________________ _____________
[signature] [date]  
J. P. Bigshot, VP Distance Learning, UGA

__________________________ _____________
[signature] [date]  
I. M. Overworked, Evaluation Consultant

cc: Sheila Gottoknow, VP, Campus Computing