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Sample Anecdotal Record Form

DATE: July 23, 1998

PLACE: Beta Site 2

NAME OF OBSERVER: Lucy Schweitzer

Description of the incident: About two hours into the course, one of the trainees suddenly got up and left the class. I followed him out into the hall and asked if anything was wrong. He replied: "I can't waste my time sitting in the class because I don't intend to use the new system." I asked him why and he answered: "Computers don't work for me. As soon as I touch one, the program blows up. You'll be glad I won't use your system because it would just fall apart if I did. It's nothing against you or your course, I just know it won't work."

I tried to talk to him more, but he indicated that he had to make some phone calls and left.

Interpretation: The "HYPERLEARN" multimedia course training is innovative and user-friendly in the eyes of its designers, but in the eyes of a person with high anxiety about technology, it is just another threatening computer program. I suspect that this person strongly fears computers and that he has an unusually strong degree of "learned helplessness" with respect to them. It may be worthwhile to conduct some sort of a pre-assessment with respect to "techno-phobia" and makes special efforts to help those who express high anxiety. Also, this person indicated before the beginning of the course that he was only there because his boss insisted that he attend. We may need to clarify the enrollment procedures for this and other participants.