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            Task 2        

Teach a mini-lesson related to a topic of significance to project managers.

One of the best ways to learn something new is to have to teach it to others. This task is designed to provide you with the opportunity to develop expertise in a topic related to project management by planning and delivering a mini-lesson about the topic of your choice. 

This task has the following components:

1. Identify a topic of interest from the following list or identify a different topic and clear it with Professor Reeves:
Interviewing Potential Team Members Working with Difficult People Project Management Software Budgeting for E-Learning Development Preparing a Request for Proposal
Time Management Dealing with Outside Contractors Preparing a Realistic Timeline for E-Learning Development Project Management Myths How To Be a Good Leader
Fostering Better Teamwork LMS/LCMS SCORM Blended Learning EPSS for Project Managers
Knowledge Management Risk Management Procurement TQM XML

2. Prepare a 30 minute mini-lesson related to your topic. The plan for this lesson should be presented as a Web page accessible at least two days in advance of the date when you will teach your lesson. (If you do not know how to develop web pages, you may create your resource as a print document that can be converted to an Adobe Acrobat file for sharing via the Web.) 

3. Select a date for when you will deliver your mini-lesson. Any lecture or presentation component of this lesson should not exceed more that 15 minutes of the 30 minutes of class time you have been allocated for this lesson. Ideally, the majority of the class time will be devoted to some sort of activity or exercise related to the topic. 

4. You will receive a peer evaluation of the mini-lesson as well as a formal assessment (see rubric below) from Professor Reeves. 

This task is worth 25 points. 

Assessment Rubric
Component Incomplete/Unacceptable (0-1) Good (2-3) Outstanding (4-5)
Introduction and goals.
  • Not very engaging - little done to motivate students. Topic unclear.
  • No goals or clear outcomes described.
  • More or less motivating. Most students would likely become engaged. Somewhat unclear about topic.
  • Somewhat unclear in discussion of goals or outcomes. 
  • Interesting, relevant, and motivating. Clear topic.
  • Clear and appropriate outcomes and goals provided.
  • Process Steps not spelled out. Students are unclear about how to accomplish the tasks involved in the lesson. Steps are recognizable but students need lots of help to accomplish the tasks. Or there is not enough time.  Process is clearly described in enough detail for anyone to complete the tasks within the time allocated.
    *if included
    Problems with materials - not applicable to topic, or too complex for time allowed. Most resources are appropriate to the topic. The materials are all appropriate to the topic and they are well-used within the allocated time.
    Presentation Boring. Presenter basically read the presentation slides. Adequately engaging. Presentation slides are used appropriately. Stimulating. It is evident that the presenter really knows the topic and presents it with enthusiasm.
     Creativity  No creativity evident in the lesson.  Moderate level of creativity indicated. Exceptional creativity is evident throughout the lesson.