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There are many Web resources that can help you with project management. Here are some useful project management links: 

Project Managing E-Learning Book Website

American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)

Michael Greer's Project Management Resources

One Hundred Rules for NASA Project Managers

Project Magazine from the UK

ALLPM - The Project Manager's Homepage (tm)

Project Management Institute

Project Management Glossary

Project Management Guidelines from Univ. of Queensland
William Horton's Website
PM Site from Tasmania (submitted by Beate Vagt-Traore)
Job Aids Site from Canada (submitted by Beate Vagt-Traore)
Association for PM in the UK (submitted by Beate Vagt-Traore)
International Project Management Site (submitted by Beate Vagt-Traore)
Women in PM Site from the UK (submitted by Beate Vagt-Traore)
E-Learning Guru (submitted by Thomas Macaulay)
Dave W Farthing's PM  Website (submitted by Beate Vagt-Traore)
Max Wideman's PM  Website (submitted by Beate Vagt-Traore)