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The pedagogical design of this course is based upon the principles of authentic learning environments as defined by Dr. Jan Herrington of Education Cowan University:

- Provide an authentic context that reflects the way the knowledge will be used in real life,
- Provide authentic activities,
- Provide access to expert performances and the modeling of processes,
- Provide multiple roles and perspectives, 
- Support collaborative construction of knowledge, 
- Promote reflection to enable abstractions to be formed, 
- Promote articulation to enable tacit knowledge to be made explicit,
- Provide coaching and scaffolding at critical times, and
- Provide for integrated assessment of learning within the tasks.

Open and frank communications are encouraged. Feel free to contact Professor Reeves via e-mail, phone, fax, or in person if you have any questions or problems concerning this course. Open communications are essential to our collaboration in making this course a successful learning experience for all. Because the course "meets" online fifty percent of the time, your contributions to online discussions are especially important. 

The course web site is both a vehicle for communications and an environment for learning. Please visit the course web site often. Also, attendance is critical in this course because we only meet face-to-face every other week! Please advise Professor Reeves in advance if you must miss a face-to-face class session.