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This course focuses on the management of instructional technology projects, with a specific emphasis on e-learning development and other contemporary instructional design initiatives. 

Learning to be a good project manager is not a simple matter of memorizing a few leadership principles or applying some well worn formulas. Project management is a complex process that requires expertise and experience in mentoring individuals, building teams, and managing processes, time, and resources. It is as much about understanding your own work habits and leadership style as it is about assessing those of the people you supervise. 

You can study project management, but the best ways to learn it are by modeling expert managers and through direct or simulated experience. With this in mind, a unique feature of this course is the inclusion of a group of project management mentors who are primarily graduates of our instructional technology program.  

This course has ambitious goals for providing a blend of learning opportunities, some didactic, some exploratory, and most importantly some experiential to enable you to make progress toward becoming a better project manager. The emphasis is much more on the exploratory and experiential rather than the didactic, and it may seem that you are more responsible for guiding your own learning than in other courses. This is intentional.