Sample Mentor/Mentee Contract

We ____________________________(print name), acting as mentor, and 

 ____________________________(print name), acting as mentee, agree to enter into 

a mentoring relationship based on the project proposal described below, which sets forth 

the parameters and process for the mentoring relationship.

___________________________ (mentor’s signature),   date____/____/____

___________________________ (mentee’s signature),   date____/____/____

___________________________ (supervising instructor's signature),   date____/____/____

Project Proposal

Goal: The general goal of this contract is to develop the mentee's knowledge and skills with respect to project management within the context of instructional technology.

Objectives: The specific objectives of this contract are as follows:

a. The mentee will work with the mentor to identify a project management need of the mentor and will subsequently develop a tool or resource that meets this need. .For example, perhaps the mentor finds that whenever he/she is called upon to respond to a Request for Proposal (RFP), he/she is forced to spend an inordinate amount of time searching for background information and other data that are required for most proposals. In this case, the mentee could develop a web-based resource that would enable the mentor to prepare better, more efficient responses to Requests for Proposals (RFPs). Such a resource might include downloadable boiler plate materials about the mentor's enterprise, cost estimation tools for various production services, and a list of candidates for sub-contracting and/or consulting. Alternatively, the mentor may be facing a challenge of educating his/her team members concerning accessibility standards for web-based instruction. In this case, the mentee could develop a plan for a seminar on website accessibility including presentation materials and activities. The nature of the project and the type of product are intentionally open. It is important that the mentee come to understand the nature of the management challenge facing the mentor before an appropriate solution can be developed. 

b. The mentee may undertake this task alone or in partnership with another mentee. 

c. Communications between mentors and mentees can be in person, via email, phone, or other means. If needed, the supervising instructor can be available to assist mentors and mentees in defining the project need and developing an appropriate solution.

d. The mentor and supervising instructor (Professor Reeves) will assess the product and provide the mentee with written feedback concerning his/her achievement with respect to this task.