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Task 3

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For Task #3,
you will successfully complete a course exam (worth 20 points).

To assess your learning!  


Assessment is distinct from evaluation. Whereas we evaluate things (products, programs, and projects), we assess people (their knowledge, aptitude, attitudes, motivation, etc.). This task will give you an opportunities to demonstrate your growing expertise in the concepts, principles, and methods of educational research in the field of instructional technology. 

This task has the following components:

1. The course exam will be administered as a take home exam during the week of November 1-5, 2004. The exam will take a variety of different forms of test questions. 

2. As long as you keep up with the readings and the class activities, the course exam should be easy. However, if you are test anxious, the UGA Division of Academic Enhancement can provide counseling. Please let Professor Reeves know in advance if you need any special help with test preparation. 

3. If you fail course exam, remedial instruction will be provided and you will have one chance to retake the exam.

(This task is worth 20 points)