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(other readings may be assigned)
Aug. 24
  • Overview of Course
  • Introduction to Course Web Site
  • Discussion of Course Tasks
  • Participant Introductions
  • "A Research Agenda" Presentation

1. A Meta-Analysis of the
Effectiveness of Teaching and
Learning With Technology on
Student Outcomes
by Hersh C. Waxman, Meng-Fen Lin, and Georgette M. Michko

2. The Impact of Media and Technology in Schools by Thomas C. Reeves

Aug. 31
  • "Paradigms Lost and Evolving" Presentation
  • Research Activity
  • Readings Discussion

1. Paradigms and Research Methods by Robert Gephart

2. Questioning the Questions of Instructional Technology Research by Thomas C. Reeves

Sep. 7

  • Social Constructivsim versus Logical Positivism Assessment
  • "A Private Universe" Video
  • Research Activity
  • Readings Discussion

1. What is the Place of Science in Educational Research? by Richard Mayer

2. The Impact of Educational Technology: A Radical Reappraisal of Research Methods by P. David Mitchell

Sep. 14
  • "Questioning the Questions of Educational Technology Research" Presentation
  • Research Activity

1. What is a survey? (Chapters 1 - 5)

2. Educational Research in the Internet Age: Examining the Role of Individual Characteristics by Kendall Hartley and Lisa D. Bendixen

Sep. 21
Governor Sonny Perdue
  • Gov. Sonny Perdue, HOPE, & the SAT Activity
  • Readings Discussion

1. What is a survey? (Chapters 6 - 10)

2. Observing Classroom Processes in Project-Based Learning Using Multimedia by William R. Penuel and
Barbara Means

Sep. 28
  • "Can We Believe Our Eyes?" Video
  • Research Proposal for NSF Exercise
  • Readings Discussion

1. Communicating educational research data to general, nonresearcher audiences by Gail S. MacColl and Kathleen D. White

2. How to Write a Scholarly Research Report by Lawrence M. Rudner and William D. Schafer

Oct. 5
online learning

1. The Concept of Statistical Significance Testing by Bruce Thompson

2. Pitfalls of Data Analysis by Clay Helberg

Oct. 12
  • Survey Research Methods Workshop
  • Readings Discussion

1. How Does Technology
Influence Student Learning?
by John Cradler, Mary McNabb, Molly Freeman, and Richard Burchett

2. Design-Based Research: An Emerging Paradigm for Educational Inquiry by the Design-Based Research Collective
Oct. 19
  •  Task 2a (10-15 pages)
    or Task 2b (1-2 pages) Proposals Due
  • USDA Study "Bring It Home: Healthy Generations"
  • Research Activity
  • Readings Discussion

1.  Asking the Right Question: What Does Research Tell Us About Technology and Higher Learning by Steve Ehrmann

2. Role of Design in Research: The Integrative Learning Design Framework by Brenda Bannan-Ritland

Oct. 26
  • "Before It's Too Late" Video
  • Research Activity
  • Readings Discussion

1. The Future of Research Publishing: the eReport and eJournal by Murray Krantz

2. A Development Research Agenda for Online Collaborative Learning by Thomas C. Reeves, Jan Herrington, & Ron Oliver

Nov. 2

1. Design-Based Research: An Emerging Paradigm for Educational Inquiry by The Design-Based Research Collective

2. Evidence-Based Education Policies: Transforming Educational Practice and Research by Robert E. Slavin

Nov. 9
Research from E-Learn 2004
Research on Media
  • Research Exercise
  • Readings Discussion

The Peculiar Problems of Preparing Educational Researchers by David Labaree

Growing up with
Interactive Media: What we know and what we don’t about the impact of new media on children
by Ellen Wartella, Barbara O’Keefe and Ronda Scantlin

Nov. 16 online learning
to Web-CT at : http://my.uga.edu/
Read article emailed to you and participate in online discussion during the week.

Action research: action and research by Bob Dick

Nov. 23
Action Research
  • Research Exercise
  • Readings Discussion

Research on Internet Use in Education from ISTE
Nov. 30
  • What have we learned about educational research: The Game
  • Research Activity
  • Readings Discussion

Task 3 Due - Draft Research Report
Email to Professor Reeves

Research Syntheses from Michigan State
Dec. 7
Last day of Fall 03 Classes

Presentation of Research Reports
Task 3 Due - Final Research Report

Dec. 14 GRADES DUE Have a wonderful holiday!
Peace on earth