Task #3 (20 Points)

Produce your own personal homepage.

This homepage should be constructed around your personal and/or professional interests. You will present your homepage to the entire class in a 5-minute presentation. Each homepage will be evaluated by the entire class using a peer evaluation form. This task is due March 5.

Your personal page should include the following Web components:

- a least one table

- at least one graphic created using a scanner and PhotoShop

- at least one graphic downloaded from a free clip art collection on the WWW

- a link to your email

- a link to your academic department or school

- a link to the University of Georgia

Here are some samples from previous EDIT 6150 classes:







You can use any approach you wish to create your web pages, but the official method we will support in the course is Netscape Composer. Luckily, you can learn to use Composer via a web-based tutorial created by a UGA Masters Student, Doug Holschuh, Here it is:


Doug asked me to tell you that this tutorial is in "beta" stage, and he would appreciate feedback. You can email Doug by clicking here!

Alternative approaches to creating your web pages include:

1) writing html code

2) Microsoft FrontPage

3) Adobe HomePage

4) Dreamweaver

There are numerous online resources about web page design. A good place to get started is about.com's web-page design guide.

In order to make your web pages accessible for others to see using a web browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer, you will need to upload your html files and graphic files (along with other files such as audio files or QuickTime movie files if your site includes them) to a web server such as ARCHES. To do this, you'll need to use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software. If you don't already have this kind of software on your computer, you can get it for free from: http://download.cnet.com/downloads/ . There are shareware or free FTP programs available for both PCs and Macs. The FTP software available in our class lab is WS_FTP. A handout concerning how to use WS_FTP will be distributed in class.

If reading any of the above confuses you, don't worry. Every beginner is confused at some point by the mysteries of creating web pages. Ask your instructor and/or peers for help as often as necessary. Also, explore the web for help. A good place to start is the Internet Society webpage.

The following "Assessment Rubric" will be used by the course instructors for Task 3.

Criterion Weight



The homepage includes the required components described above.

The site has omitted 2 or more of the required components. The site has omitted one of the required components. The site has all of the required components.  ___ of 4
The homepage presents a creative introduction to the creator of it.

The homepage is unimaginative with no personalization about the creator. The homepage has a small amount of creativity and personalization. The homepage is presents a very creative, personal introduction to the creator.  ___ of 4
The theme or treatment in this homepage is clear and consistent.

Pages are unclear and inconsistent in their theme or treatment. The theme or treatment in this homepage is clear, but not consistent. The theme of treatment in this homepage are clear and consistent.  ___ of 3
The usability (navigation) of this homepage is user-friendly.

How to navigate and use the site is unclear. With a little effort, a user can figure out how to navigate this site. The usability of this site meets highly professional standards.  ___ of 3
The quality and substance of the homepage indicates that a significant effort has been made to develop it.

The site appears to have been produced in haste. The site appears to have been produced with an average level of effort. The site reflects substantive effort and care in its production.  ___ of 6



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