Task #2 (15 Points)

Prepare brief presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint.

This task is due for completion by February 5. Please come to class prepared to make a brief (10 - 12 minute) presentation using PowerPoint about your experiences with technology in education and your predictions about the future of technology in education.

This project has two purposes. First, it will enable you to reflect upon your past, present, and future experiences with technology in education, both as a learner and as a teacher. Second, it will allow you to demonstrate basic competency with the most popular presentation software on the market, Microsoft PowerPoint. This task is worth 15 points, and it will be graded using the assessment rubric that appears at the bottom of this page.

A fun tutorial on how to use PowerPoint can be found at:


Microsoft provides some help for teachers using PowerPoint at this


You can find lots of clip art for your presentations at this Microsoft site:


Some helpful tips and guidelines for PowerPoint presentations can be found at these sites:




Your PowerPoint presentation should address the following five questions:

1. Why have you enrolled in this course?

2. What is your earliest recollection of using technology in education, either as a student, a teacher, or both?

3. What was your best experience with using technology in education, either as a student, a teacher, or both?

4. What was your worst experience with using technology in education, either as a student, a teacher, or both?

5. What do you predict for the future of technology in education, both in general and for you personally?

After you give your presentation, every member of the class will fill out a brief evaluation instrument to provide feedback on the quality of your presentation. Click here to see the evaluation form that will be used in class to provide peer feedback.

The following "Assessment Rubric" will be used by the course instructor for Task 2.
Criterion Weight



Presentation slides contain the information needed to accomplish the intended purpose(s).

Information is sketchy and incomplete Information is adequate, but not unique Information is comprehensive and interesting


of 4

Oral presentation is well-paced (neither too fast nor too slow), and stays within the 10-12 minute time frame.

Numerous gaps or too much info too fast Fairly easy to follow, but somewhat dull Easy to follow and stimulating


of 3

PowerPoint slides are interesting and appealing.

Not really Somewhat Definitely


of 2

PowerPoint slides follow basic design principles for PowerPoint presentations.

More than 1 design flaw 1 flaw (e.g., too much animation) 0 problems


of 2

PowerPoint slides are free of grammatical errors.

Over 3 errors 2-3 errors 0-1 errors


of 1

Presentation shows evidence of involvement with the task (critical thinking, creativity, synthesis, etc.).

Little Some Lots


of 3

 TOTAL  100%        15


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