Task #1 (10 Points)

Prepare a professional resume using Microsoft Word.

This task is due for completion by January 22. Please bring a printed copy of the resume to class and send a digital copy to both instructors via email.

This project has two purposes. First, it will enable you to develop (or refine) a professional resume. Second, it will allow you to demonstrate basic competency with the most popular word processing software on the market, Microsoft Word.

There are several ways to go about creating a professional resume:

1. You can start from scratch and create one on your own using the various formatting features of Microsoft Word.

2. You can use the Professional Resume template that is included with Microsoft Word. (This file can be found in the "Other Documents" folder in the MS Office templates.)

3. You can find a model of a resume on the World Wide Web and use it as a guide for creating your own. There are many sample resumes on the Web. The following site at DePaul University provides guidance for creating resumes for teachers, including samples:
Your Resume: A Teacher's Sales Brochure.

4. You can ask someone for an electronic copy of his/her resume and create your own using it as a model. Here is a two-page version of Dr. Reeves resume that you can use as a model if you wish:

Professor Thomas C. Reeves Two-Page Resume

Professor Reeves Full Vita

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