Task 5: Active Participation

 Point Value: 10  Due: N/A


This task requires you to participate in discussions of the course readings, presentations, and other materials and events. Participation is evidenced by thoughtful contributions to in-class discussions as well as a general enthusiasm about learning.


Discussion is a good strategy for turning information into knowledge, and even wisdom. It is important to share your ideas, but not to force them on others. It is important to share the floor with others so that every voice can be heard.

Suggested Strategies:

Keep up with the readings and other course activities. Your contributions to the discussions should reflect that you have read the materials and are prepared to add your own unique interpretations of these materials to the issues raised during the discussions. Be yourself!


You can review several years of online discussions about instructional technology on the ITForum archives.

Assessment Rubric

Criterion Weight



Discussion contributions are original, personal, and thoughtful

Contributions are little more than regurgitations of other material Contributions are personal and even creative, but is not particularly thoughtful or critical Contributions are original and personal as well as thoughtful and critical
Discussion contributions follow etiquette guidelines

Contributions are rude or condescending Contributions are forced or false Contributions are genuinely enthusiastic and supportive

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