There is no required textbook in this course, but these two books are recommended:

Anglin, G. J. (Ed.). (1995). Instructional technology: Past, present, and future (2nd Ed.). Englewood, CO: Libraries Unlimited.

Jonassen, D. H. (Ed.). (1996). Handbook of research for educational communications and technology. New York: Macmillan. (This boo is available online at AECT's website.)


There are numerous online resources related to the field of instructional technology. The ones below are only representative, not exhaustive.

The Encyclopedia of Educational Technology

Although this is not a comprehensive online encyclopedia, there are some interesting articles here, most of them created by students like yourself.

Instructional Technology Connections

This web resource contains lots of useful links identified by Martin Ryder from the University of Colorado at Denver.

Instructional Technology Research Online (InTRO)

This site was created by four graduates of the UGA Instructional Technology program. It contains a wealth of information
about research and other aspects of this field.

Dr. Mable Kinzie's Web Pages

Dr. Kinzie and her students at the University of Virginia have developed some of the most interesting web sites about instructional technology and related topics.

U.S. Government Educational Technology Resources

This site features links to free information about educational technology provided by U.S. Government agencies.

Yahoo's Instructional Technology Links Page

Yahoo does a decent job of providing links related to instructional technology.

Internet Sites for Educators

This is a site that Bob Hart constructed based on recommendations from faculty and students in the Department of Instructional Technology here at UGA.

There are other sites that are not specifically related to instructional technology per se, but to related topics.

The Gateway to Educational Materials

This is a great search engine for finding educational materials.

ERIC Clearinghouse on Information and Technology

This is a great resource for papers and published articles related to information science and technology hosted by Syracuse University.