The primary pedagogy in this course is "learning by doing" within the context of a rich constructivist learning environment. In this course, you will undertake high level cognitive tasks in and out of class. Among the tasks are:

  • Building representations of your new knowledge about instructional technology;
  • Constructing web-pages and PowerPoint presentations related to the field of instructional technology; and
  • reading and discussing literature related to the field of instructional technology.

This course is both "hands-on" and "heads-engaged."

Here are a few rules for thriving in this course (and life in general):

Have ideas that no one has ever had before. You can, you know.

Whatever you are doing, never stop growing, developing, seeking, inquiring, sensing.

Encourage the growth and development of others. Stifling the growth of anyone (child, wife, parent, lover, neighbor, stranger, husband, student, teacher) is a crime against humanity. When any one person grows, we all grow.

Grow in many directions. Learn to reason, learn to play, learn to work hard, learn to strive, and learn to just sit and relax. Learn to love yourself and others.

Keep your body, your mind, and your spirit in tip-top shape.

Be sincere, not serious. Have fun. Enjoy yourself. It's lighter than you think.

Be responsible. Come to class prepared to challenge and to be challenged. Task yourself, your peers, and your teacher to do the best.

Handle books with care, and read far into the night. Go to films, not movies.

Work. If you work, it will lead to growth. Aim for quality in all you do.

Travel. See the world. Meet as many people as you can. Make many friends. Have a few very, very close friends.

There are no ultimate truths. Not even the previous statement is always true. Truth is a function of space and time.

Don't try to reason and create at the same time. They're two different processes. And for goodness sake, don't program or author anything before it's reasoned and designed!

Keep a diary. Communicate with yourself. Write letters to your friends, your former teachers, and your elected representatives.

Every once in a while, throw out all the rules and start over.

When you think there's nothing left to learn or that you know it all, you've stopped growing. Seek help immediately. You may already be dead!



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