Jan. 9 - Pre-Assessments
- Overview of Course Syllabus
- Breaking the Ice Activiy
- Discussion of Tasks 1- 5

1. The Field of Educational Technology: Update 2000 (A Dozen Frequently Asked Questions) by Donald P. Ely

2. The Proper Way to Become an Instructional Technologist by Lloyd Rieber

3. Reading to be distibuted in class

Jan. 16

- Orientation to the UGA IT Program with Dr. Rob Branch - IT Dept. Chair (from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM)

- Educational Technology and Instructional Technology: What People Mean and What They Expect

- Web Authoring Overview

1. The Impact of Media and Technology in Schools by Thomas C. Reeves

2. Using the Web to Access Online Education Periodicals by Joseph Slowinski

Jan. 23

- Learning From, With, and About Technology

- The Meaning Game

1. Digital Diploma Mills by David F. Noble

2. Digital Diploma Mills: A Dissenting Voice by Frank White

3. The Computer Delusion by Todd Oppenheimer

Jan. 30

- The Great Debate Exercise

- Answering the Critics of Instructional Technology

Task 1 Due - IT Definitions

1. Instructional Design Models by Martin Ryder

2. Survey of Instructional Development Models by Eric Plotnick

3. E-Trainer Evolution by Allison Rossett

Feb. 6

- Instructional Systems Design (ISD)

- Performance Technology (PT)

- Human Resource Development (HRD)

1. The Benefits of Information Technology by John Kosakowski

2. The Attack on ISD by Jack Gordon and Ron Zemke

Feb. 13 - Putting Instructional Design To Work: A Hands-On, Heads-In, Experience

1. Technology to Support Learning from How People Learn by Bransford, Brown, and Cocking

2. Reasons for Bringing Technology into Schools

3. Uncovering the Hidden Web, Part I: Finding What the Search Engines Don't

4. Uncovering the Hidden Web, Part II: Resources for Your Classroom

Feb. 20

- IT and Educational Reform

- Learn & Live Video

1. Preparing to Teach with Technology by Mary Hatwood Futrell

2. Explorations in Learning & Instruction:
The Theory Into Practice Database

Feb. 27

- IT in Practice in K-12 Education

- Class Activity

1. Evaluating Online Educational Materials for Use in Instruction by Robert M. Branch, Dohun Kim and Lynne Koenecke

2. Technology: How Do We Know It Works? by Eva Baker
March 6

Task 2 Due

- IT Leader Presentations
(10 minutes per student)

1. The World Wide Web: A Technology to Enhance Teaching and Learning? by Ronald D. Owston

2. A Model to Guide the Integration of the WWW as a Cognitive Tool in K-12 Education by Tom Reeves

March 13 - IT Leader Presentations
(10 minutes per student)

1. Overview of Technology and Education Reform from the U.S. Dept. of Education

2. Computers Make Kids Smarter-Right? by Heather Kirkpatrick and Larry Cuban

 March 20  No Class - Spring Break  
March 27

- Research in IT

- IT and Learning Theory

- Class Activity

1. The Great Media Debate

2. Media Comparison Research by Joseph Herman McCall

2. Enhancing the Worth of Instructional Technology Research through "Design Experiments" and Other Development Research Strategies by Tom Reeves

April 3 NO FORMAL CLASS MEETING THIS WEEK - Lab Time to Work on Project 3

1. Skills & Strategies for Media Education by Elizabeth Thoman

2. The Media Education Elephant by Kathleen Tyner

April 10

- IT in Practice in Corporate Training

- IT Field Trip to Sunset Learning in Athens

1. Virtual Reality: An Overview by Jorge Franchi

2. Mainstreaming Learning Technologies by Mark Van Buren

3. XML: A Language to Manage the World Wide Web by Jennifer R. Davis-Tanous

April 17

- Media Education

- IT Futures

1. Six challenges for educational technology by Chris Dede

2. Distance Learning, the Internet, and the World Wide Web by Sandra Kerka

April 24

Last Class Meeting

Task 3 (Web-Project) Due

- Task 3 Demos
(15 minutes per team)

No readings assigned.
May 3 - Last day to turn in any improved tasks for grading purposes. Have a wonderful summer!