Effort will go a long way in this course. Expect to work hard, endeavor to achieve, and you will be rewarded! Creativity is another critical element of your work in this course. Dream, imagine, and take risks!

Grades will be based upon the following scheme:


 TASK 1. Produce a web page that presents your personal definition of instructional technology.

 TASK 2. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation about a practitioner in the field of instructional technology.

 TASK 3. Develop a web resource related to the field of instructional technology.

 TASK 4. Complete a final examination

 TASK 5. Keep up with readings and actively participate in discussions in class and online.




Grade Assignments:

A = 90-100; B = 80-89; C = 70-79; D = 60-69; F = Below 60