Born December 8, 1990 - Died March 7, 2001

Abbie, our dear little Westie dog, has been put to rest after a six-month struggle with liver disease and other complications, including diabetes. Her spirit and love were evident to the very last. When the Vet and his assistant came to our home to send Abbie into her final sleep, she went outside to greet them as soon as we opened the door, wagging her tail, and welcoming them just as she has so many other visitors during the past ten years. In truth, Abbie never knew a person or a dog she didn't like. West Highland Terriers are known as "the little dog with the big heart," and they are reputed to have the highest self-esteem in the dog kingdom. Abbie exemplified both of these characteristics, and so much more.

Our loss feels devastating, and I suspect to some our grief may seem too great. After all, in the big scheme of things, she was only a dog. But for those of you who knew her and know us, you can surely appreciate the pain we feel. Some of our friends have joked over the years that if there is reincarnation, they hope to come back as our dog. We might have spoiled her at times, but she rewarded us with so much more than we gave. The sheer joy she exhibited whenever we returned home, whether from weeks abroad or a day at the office, was a gift we shall never forget. Some of you witnessed that special joyfulness firsthand, including her singing and running around in circles, and we want to thank you for being part of Abbie's world.

Finally, there is one thing we wish to share in the aftermath of this loss. If you have a dog, cat, or other animal, please take some special time today to give your pet a little extra attention, perhaps a walk when you're feeling too tired or busy, a game of fetch, or just a ten-minute quiet time of petting. You'll never regret that time once your pet is gone.

Trisha and Tom Reeves
Athens, Georgia, USA

We would like to thank our friend, John Bain, for taking the lovely picture of Abbie above when he visited us in June 2000.

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