EDIT 9990 - Spring 2006
Doctoral Topical Seminar on Design-Based Research

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          Task 2        

You will make a significant contribution to an electronic performance support system (EPSS) for design-based research.

Design-based research is a relatively recent development in the context of educational research.  Many educators are unfamiliar with the concept of design-based research and will need assistance if they want to engage in this approach to educational inquiry. An electronic performance support system (EPSS) is one means of providing the assistance that today's educational researchers inevitably require to get started and maintain a design-based research agenda.  An EPSS provides online access to information, guidance, tools, templates, decision-support, examples, and other forms of help needed to perform a task. 

This is a particularly difficult task to define in advance. Most examples of EPSS can be found in business and industry contexts rather than in education. There are few clear examples of what an EPSS for educational research should or could be. One related resource is the Social Sciences Web Resources site developed by Bill Trochim, but it is not an EPSS per se. 

Jan Herrington from the University of Wollongong, Ron Oliver from Edith Cowan University, and Tom Reeves from the University of Georgia are collaborating to develop a prototype EPSS for Design-Based Research. Other collaborators in this initiative include Jan van den Akker, Nienke Nieveen, and Susan McKenney from the University of Twente as well as Chandra Orrill from the University of Georgia. Whatever we develop in this seminar is intended to become a component of this resource. 

Several websites provide basic information about EPSS: 

This task is worth 50 points. The assessment rubric for this task will be developed by the seminar participants.