EDIT 9990 - Spring 2006
Doctoral Topical Seminar on Design-Based Research

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This seminar focuses on the development, current status, and future of design-based research in the field of instructional (educational) technology.

This seminar will provide a blend of learning opportunities, some didactic, many exploratory, and others experiential to enable you to develop a more informed and critical perspective concerning research in our field. As in any doctoral level seminar, you will be much more responsible for guiding your own learning than in traditional academic courses. Above all, we shall pursue "authentic achievement" within the context of scholarly discussion and debate.

After completing this seminar, you should be able to:

1. Defend a perspective on the value of design-based research in instructional (educational) technology.

2. Describe the implications of design-based research for advancing the field of instructional (educational) technology.

3. Make an important contribution to the development of an Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS) to assist those in the field of instructional (educational) technology who wish to engage in design-based research.

4. Plan for further professional development of your knowledge, skills, and attitudes regarding design-based research within the field of instructional (educational) technology.