EDIT 9990 - Spring 2006
Doctoral Topical Seminar on Design-Based Research
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This seminar is designed to allow its participants to enrich their understanding of educational research in the field of instructional technology with a special emphasis of what is variously known as "design-based research," "design research," or "development research."  Each participant will be challenged to contribute resources to an Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS) for design-based researchers.
think outside the box
Seminar Leaders
Thomas C. Reeves, Ph.D.
Educational Psychology & Instructional Technology
The University of Georgia
603D Aderhold Hall
Tel: 706/542-3849
Fax: 706/542-4032
Chandra Orrill, Ph.D.
Educational Psychology and Instructional Technology
The University of Georgia
612 Aderhold Hall
Tel: 706/
Fax: 706/542-4032